Das Stue: Luxury Hotel

Das Stue: Luxury Hotel
Apr 25, 2013 A former Danish embassy offers five-star accommodations, amenities, and animals

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Das Stue: Luxury Hotel_01 dasstue_lobby_2_0.jpg A sea of bulb fixtures hangs above the centerpiece of the hotel’s lobby—a crocodile head sculpture by Parisian artist Quentin Garel.  Housed within the original landmark building, the lobby features a direct view into the modern addition. 
Das Stue: Luxury Hotel_02 dasstue_5bypacoperz_3_0.jpg In the fine dining restaurant, Cinco, a communal table sits across from the show kitchen and underneath a canopy of copper pots.
Das Stue: Luxury Hotel_03 dasstue_library_2_0.jpg The expansive floor areas of the historic building’s three stair landings enabled Patricia Urquiola to create library and sitting room spaces.
Das Stue: Luxury Hotel_04 dasstue_thecasual_3_0.jpg A nook within The Casual restaurant is anchored by fashion photography and cozy furnishings including Patricia Urquiola’s own Nub chair for Andreu World.
Das Stue: Luxury Hotel_05 dasstue_lounge_2_2.jpg More of Urquiola’s furniture mingles with shag rugs, floor lamps, and animal sculptures atop a modern parquet floor in the lounge 
Das Stue: Luxury Hotel_06 dasstue_susannekaufmannspa_2_0.jpg A foot bridge spans the length of the 46-foot-long lap pool in the hotel’s Susanne Kaufmann Spa; the Finnish sauna features an open feel thanks to a glazed wall.
Das Stue: Luxury Hotel_07 dasstue_0.jpg The original 1938-40–built 
portion has a curved façade and grand portico that marks the hotel entrance. 
Das Stue: Luxury Hotel_08 dasstue_room_2_0.jpg Situated within a window-challenged attic space of the old building, a suite features skylights and recessed ambient lighting.
Das Stue: Luxury Hotel_09 dasstue_room_0.jpg Custom and one-off touches in a guestroom include a wooden canopy and photos from a private collection.