W Seattle
Boone Speed Photography
W Seattle
Apr 29, 2013  Skylab deftly mingles the city's diverse culture — from totem poles to grunge music

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W Seattle_01 WSeattle1.jpg A custom wallpaper depicts a faux library of album cover spines in the Living Room. Colored rope provides subtle delineation and semi-privacy, as well as a conversation piece. 
W Seattle_02 WSeattle2.jpg Stainless steel tiles clad the four-story-tall fireplace in a radiating pattern to evoke energy and movement. An opening within the fireplace surround reveals a DJ booth. 
W Seattle_03 WSeattle3.jpg  A color spectrum dances across the high-gloss tabletop inside the private dining zone.
W Seattle_04 WSeattle4.jpg Segmented mahogany veneer columns in the main dining room resemble abstracted totem poles.
W Seattle_05 WSeattle5.jpg Custom concrete tiles emblazoned with a chevron pattern clad the walls enclosing the bar. 
W Seattle_06 WSeattle6.jpg Fine cable drapes loosely delineate seating zones while keeping sight lines open. 
W Seattle_07 WSeattle7.jpg The W Seattle is situated downtown, adjacent to the Rem Koolhaas–designed Seattle Central Library.