Katie Thurber
Apr 30, 2013  A Manhattan club offers an upscale take on the karaoke experience

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Jelsomino_01 jelsamino1.jpg Marquee-inspired signage illuminates the “Backstage” bar area.

Jelsomino_02 jelsamino2.jpg In the main karaoke space, ductwork and pipes along the ceiling are covered with paint and further concealed by a dropped lighting grid. The DMX-controlled color-changing LEDs are preprogrammed, allowing the lighting engineer to create atmospheres ranging from energetic to more sultry, depending on the crowd.
Jelsomino_03 jelsamino3.jpg Artwork depicting John Lennon and Yoko Ono hangs on the wall of the VIP room, which is lined with suede acoustic panels and rich leather banquettes.
Jelsomino_04 jelsamino4.jpg ICRAVE commissioned artist Pat Ganino of Creative Evolution to paint a mural along a back wall. It features large portraits of artists including Jim Morrison, Madonna and Axl Rose, and it doubles as camouflage for several doors leading to hotel equipment rooms. 
Jelsomino_05 jelsamino5.jpg  A Corten sign hangs above the tufted red leather entrance.
Jelsomino_06 jelsamino6.jpg The illuminated Glow Bar serves the main zone through a newly cut hole in the existing masonry wall.