Designers Select: Office furnishings

Designers Select: Office furnishings
May 30, 2013 Designers name their favorite office furnishings and solutions

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Designers Select: Office furnishings_01 KWgallery.jpg Kate Wendt, IIDA
Associate Principal
Tsoi / Kobus & Associates
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Designers Select: Office furnishings_02 nomadGallery.jpg Mobica: Nomado

“We are always looking for new products that will support innovation in the workplace. Nomado is beautifully designed and creates adaptable pop-up workspaces that are equally suited to support individuals or teams.”
Designers Select: Office furnishings_03 AvesGallery.jpg Carnegie: Aves

“Carnegie’s design group did it right in creating this collection of fabrics that combine high- performance technology with some beautiful aesthetics. Our firm incorporates environmental graphics into our interiors, thus the sculptural potential of this new group of products is exciting."
Designers Select: Office furnishings_04 buzzihoodGallery.jpg BuzziSpace: BuzziHood

“I saw the BuzziHood at an innovation lab in Cambridge and thought it was pure genius. It is a great-looking product that is available in fun and bright colors, and it solves a common problem in open offices—the lack of privacy for phone conversations—at a modest price.”
Designers Select: Office furnishings_05 ChrisColdoffGallery.jpg Christopher Coldoff, IIDA
Los Angeles 
Designers Select: Office furnishings_06 SetuStoolGallery.jpg Herman Miller: Setu Stool

“Stand-up height interaction can spark creativity and innovation without the personal investment of a full sit-down meeting. This recent addition to the Setu seating family facilitates this type of collaboration with style. I’m in love with the skeletal structure.”
Designers Select: Office furnishings_07 bernhardtGallery(1).jpg Bernhardt Design: a.k.a.

“Bernhardt Design’s latest casegoods offering features linear, horizontal styling, well-tooled details, and a smart and flexible workwall. An array of elegant table and desk options doesn’t hurt either. Clean, streamlined, modern—enough said.” 
Designers Select: Office furnishings_08 ElementGallery.jpg Humanscale: Element Disc
“This LED task light provides single-shadow illumination with a minimal aesthetic and thin profile. Humanscale hits a home run with this light, which could serve as a graceful supporting player  in most any office setting.” 
Designers Select: Office furnishings_09 PelczynskiGallery.jpg Susan Pelczynski, IIDA
SKB Architecture and Design
Washington, D.C. 
Designers Select: Office furnishings_10 ObliqueVeerSatinGallery.jpg Nathan Allan Glass Studios: Oblique Series
“All of Nathan Allan Glass Studios’ creations are inspiring; visceral colors and textures range from edgy and oblique to sinuous and audacious. Veer Satin has pleated folds that evoke the fluidity of a fabric and provide soft, diffused light for visual privacy.”
Designers Select: Office furnishings_11 FilzFeltGallery.jpg FilzFelt: Hanging Panels
“With the movement toward more open office spaces and extensive glass, attention to acoustics is a must. FilzFelt is 100 percent wool and a great alternative for soft dividers. Available in various perforated patterns, it can be used to create artistic screens, wall elements, or even ceiling cladding.         I like the numerous possibilities!”
Designers Select: Office furnishings_12 IntimaGallery.jpg Arcadia: Intima Modular
“One of today's buzz phrases is ‘activity-based planning.’ Arcadia’s Intima Modular series includes seating oriented in a semicircle, allowing people to easily face one another and share ideas. The high back provides a sense of shelter and division in open office plans.”