Federal Center South

Federal Center South
Jun 03, 2013

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Federal Center South_01 FCS1.jpg A skylit central atrium, known as the commons, contains an indoor garden with rocks, plants, and water features, echoing the principles of biophilic design. Shared program spaces and perimeter workstations overlook the area. 
Federal Center South_02 FCS2.jpg Quotes, information on local waterways, and locational data are implemented as graphic devices to tie the building to its location.
Federal Center South_03 FCS3.jpg Steel trusses and salvaged heavy timbers from a warehouse demolished on the site were reused to form the framework of the atrium.
Federal Center South_04 FCS4.jpg  A system of stairs and bridges connects the commons to central workspaces.
Federal Center South_05 FCS5.jpg The building's diagrid structure angles outward at one end of the oxbow, where a conference room and office have sweeping river views. 
Federal Center South_06 FCS6.jpg The exterior is clad with light-reflecting stainless steel shingles.
Federal Center South_07 FCS7.jpg The building’s oxbow form allows connectedness between the shared spaces in the atrium and perimeter workspaces, while maximizing daylight and natural ventilation.
Federal Center South_08 FCS8.jpg A three-story window wall features super graphics detailing data on nearby waterways. Beyond, the stairwell is color-coded to correspond with the building's wayfinding system, which is divided into quadrants to help orient visitors and members of the Corps.