Atlassian II
Jasper Sanidad
Atlassian II
Jun 03, 2013  Studio Sarah Willmer transforms a warehouse in San Francisco for a software company

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Atlassian II_01 Atlassian1.jpg In the center of the office, a plywood structure envelopes the conference room. Bleachers (out of view) are located above. Throughout, finishes are straightforward, from industrial light fixtures to polished concrete floors.
Atlassian II_02 Atlassian2.jpg Steel bow trusses span the volume of the warehouse, allowing for a column-free interior.
Atlassian II_03 Atlassian3.jpg The central town square provides a casual gathering space for employees. Bleachers, which face the town square, allow for casual meetings or full 
staff gatherings. 
Atlassian II_04 Atlassian4.jpg Adjacent to open workstations are break-out areas (above), including one carpeted with AstroTurf and furnished with beanbags. The design of Atlassian II communicates the company’s laid-back yet professional office culture.