Steelcase Innovation Center
Photography by 
Benny Chan and
 Brian Miller
Steelcase Innovation Center
Jun 27, 2013

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Steelcase Innovation Center_01 steelcase1.jpg Airtouch benching workstations by Details provide a shared home for engineers, making it easy for them to exchange technical information and drill deep into one another's expertise.
Steelcase Innovation Center_02 steelcase2.jpg A sculptural white structure encloses a special conference room for private meetings. Glazing captures some natural light, while a 
low, angled wall maintains 
Steelcase Innovation Center_03 steelcase3.jpg Splashes of color, such as the original beams painted lime green and a red partial-height wall, enliven the former factory’s neutral interior.
Steelcase Innovation Center_04 steelcase4.jpg Communal areas, including one defined by a media:scape lounge by Steelcase, foster serendipitous exchanges among staff. 
Steelcase Innovation Center_05 steelcase5.jpg An example of one of the center’s many neighborhoods, this space flanking the window wall contains Bivi benching by Turnstone and cobi chairs 
by Steelcase.
Steelcase Innovation Center_06 steelcase6.jpg Intimate seating areas allow small groups 
to focus and collaborate.
Steelcase Innovation Center_07 steelcase7.jpg This former manufacturing facility was adapted to 
maximize daylight and 
bring staff together in a 
centralized location.