House of Concrete

House of Concrete
Jul 10, 2013 A Dutch design firm transforms a townhouse into an office that feels like home

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House of Concrete_01 Concrete1.jpg A second-level workroom displays an inspiration wall of employee-selected artwork. A Dear Ingo chandelier hangs above workstations and was selected because it references old-school drafting table light fixtures.
House of Concrete_02 Concrete2.jpg “The better room” provides a formal meeting space for the designers to meet with their guests and clients. 
House of Concrete_03 Concrete3.jpg A bookcase built into the central staircase makes efficient use of vertical space.
House of Concrete_04 Concrete4.jpg The “lunch tunnel,” with a custom-made, powder-coated steel booth, makes efficient use of a hallway adjacent to the kitchen. 
House of Concrete_05 Concrete5.jpg It’s easy to see why this space is called “the best room” and was dubbed “the snug.” Employees escape from their desks to the room beneath the townhouse’s roof beams to relax or brainstorm. 
House of Concrete_06 Concrete6.jpg  Located in the Red Light District, the House 
of Concrete adapts a former 
residential townhouse.
House of Concrete_07 Concrete7.jpg Custom-made steel trolleys fit below work surfaces. Casters allow the trolleys to double as seating for team meetings.