Sierra Pacific Constructors

Sierra Pacific Constructors
Jul 11, 2013 Shubin + Donaldson creates a beautifully detailed office for a general contractor in Los Angeles

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Sierra Pacific Constructors_01 SP_10192_RE.jpg Garage doors along the  large conference room, kitchen, 
and break room tilt open to allow access to an outdoor terrace. Pendants  by Delray Lighting consist of perforated, cylindrical metal shades wrapped around contoured white acrylic that diffuses the light and provides even illumination across the 
table’s surface.
Sierra Pacific Constructors_02 SP_10265_RE.jpg Interiors in the existing building were stripped to spare, essential elements. Exposed wood ceiling joists add texture and warmth in a second floor conference room, where an adjacent firefighter’s pole allows staff to literally drop into meetings. 
Sierra Pacific Constructors_03 SP_10351_RE.jpg Natural light from skylights above open workstations is augmented by 
fluorescent fixtures and cove lighting.
Sierra Pacific Constructors_04 SP_10406_RE.jpg Visitors are greeted in the lobby by a colorful fish tank, which adds a whimsical touch to the otherwise neutral interior.