Penhaligons London

Penhaligons London
Aug 08, 2013 Christopher Jenner creates a sensual London flagship for an English perfumer

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Penhaligons London_01 Penhaligons1.jpg The glass-enclosed, historic storefront draws customers into Jenner's sensual, Edwardian-inspired confection.
Penhaligons London_02 Penhaligons2.jpg Nearly every surface within Penhaligon’s Regent Street store is bespoke, from the custom acrylic pendant light fixtures, to the locally-printed wallpaper, as well as the handmade ceramic mosaic floor tiles with inlaid brass lettering and edging. 
Penhaligons London_03 Penhaligons3.jpg Twinkeling like little jewel boxes, mint green display cases, containing Penhaligon’s signature scents, pop against the four-angle white oak marquetry. 
Penhaligons London_04 Penhaligons4.jpg Fuchsia padded walls with brass buttons look as plush as a luxurious sofa.