Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic
Aug 12, 2013  MMVArquitecto recasts a dental clinic in Portugal with a poetic point of view

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Dental Clinic_01 Dental1.jpg Nearly every surface within the clinic is custom-made. The glass-topped reception desk and millwork are detailed simply, yet appear carefully carved from the space. White laminated wood panels wrap the ceilings and walls, and reveals align with those in white leather benches. White epoxy resin coats the floors.

Dental Clinic_02 Dental2.jpg The recycled glass partitions allow light to enter exam rooms without eliminating privacy.
Dental Clinic_03 Dental3.jpg Treatment rooms are soothing spaces devoid of the posters that often clutter walls in dental clinics. The upholstery on patient and dentist chairs provides a singular pop of color. 
Dental Clinic_04 Dental4.jpg The architects drew inspiration from blocks of ice in designing the custom glass partitions.
Dental Clinic_05 Dental5.jpg A white leather bench lines the pristine waiting area, which is free of clutter, and a vine-wrapped window draws nature indoors while framing the view outside.