Dropbox Headquarters
Bruce Damonte
Dropbox Headquarters
Sep 18, 2013  Dropbox by Geremia Design

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Dropbox Headquarters_01 DropBox2_00051.jpg One of the strategy meeting rooms within the core of the building is clad in washed black walnut walls with copper accents. The diagonal bracing of the building itself is left exposed.
Dropbox Headquarters_02 DropBox2_00271.jpg In a conference room, the table was designed by Geremia Design and fabricated by Alexis Moran Furniture/Design. 
Dropbox Headquarters_03 DropBox1_2510.jpg The office is composed of a number of pods, each of which have a lounge.
Dropbox Headquarters_04 GeremiaDB.jpg The cubic wood tables are by Anzfer Farms. A lounge adjacent to the dining area also features small tables by Anzfer Farms and a sofa by Geremia Design. Strips of white canvas sail add depth to the room and conceal ductwork. 
Dropbox Headquarters_05 DropBox2_00248.jpg Dropbox founder Drew Houston likes to play music, and many of his employees 
do too. Therefore, the music studio was an essential element for the creative 
crew. The custom light fixtures by Lindsey Adelman, called Knotty Bubbles, are inspired by Japanese buoys, packaging, and shibari.