Restoration Hardware
Kathryn Barnard and Jared Kuzia
Restoration Hardware
Oct 02, 2013 The revival of a Boston landmark building elevates retail to high art 

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Restoration Hardware_01 RH1.jpg Within the lobby, the design of a custom, three-story traction and counter-weight elevator made from steel and glass was inspired by one in the Bradbury building in Los Angeles. Artificial olive trees shade the second floor walkway, calling to mind a French park.
Restoration Hardware_02 RH2.jpg The subterranean level showcases the RH Baby and Child product line, which includes mini versions of the retailer’s classic tufted leather sofas.
Restoration Hardware_03 RH3.jpg Twelve crystal chandeliers twinkle in the three-story lobby.
Restoration Hardware_04 RH4.jpg Mezzanine floors installed by former retail tenants were removed, opening up the three-story lobby area and restoring the view of the original gilded and coffered ceiling.
Restoration Hardware_05 RH5.jpg The new custom glass and steel elevator is the centerpiece of the space.
Restoration Hardware_06 RH6.jpg For those in need of a break from shopping, the billiard room offers a few welcome distractions, including a vintage Brunswick pool table.
Restoration Hardware_07 RH7.jpg While the interior renovation returns the spaces to their original configuration with a few modern updates, the exterior portion involved a precise restoration of the French Academic style brick facades.