BAM Fisher

BAM Fisher
Oct 02, 2013

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BAM Fisher_01 BAM1.jpg The black box theater features 250 seats that can be set up in multiple configurations, or entirely removed from sight, allowing the theater to morph to accommodate many types of performances. Flexible HVAC ducts covered in dark fabric can be repositioned to not  limit the placement of lights on the overhead grid. 
BAM Fisher_02 BAM2.jpg The bi-level lobby features colorful artwork and moveable ticket stands.
BAM Fisher_03 BAM3.jpg The rooftop terrace has telescoping glass walls that can create a private enclosure or open up to the garden. A pergola was constructed to be at the same elevation as the roofline of the neighboring opera house. 
BAM Fisher_04 BAM4.jpg The soundproof rehearsal studio has large windows and can be transformed into a secondary theater using blackout drapes and lighting from the catwalk. 
BAM Fisher_05 BAM5.jpg A mezzanine level wraps around three sides of the black box theater and features a railing fabricated to appear like an abstracted street map of Brooklyn. Walls are painted dark blue, instead of a true black, to bring a more vibrant feeling to the performance space.
BAM Fisher_06 BAM6.jpg The facade of the existing building was restored, and the addition is set back from the street to complement the older structure.