Prahran Hotel

Prahran Hotel
Oct 02, 2013

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Prahran Hotel_01 Prahran_Hotel1.jpg Seating options include cozy leather-uphostered benches within the concrete pipes that penetrate the facade of the addition, as well as  more traditional bar-height tables. VIP booth seating occupies a half culvert pipe elevated by black steel posts.
Prahran Hotel_02 Prahran_Hotel2.jpg The lower levels of concrete pipes are lined with gum wood slats.
Prahran Hotel_03 Prahran_Hotel3.jpg Rounded mirrors in the restrooms reflect the Art Deco aesthetic of the original 1940s building.
Prahran Hotel_04 Prahran_Hotel_4.jpg A three-story glazed courtyard draws light into the pub’s interior.
Prahran Hotel_05 Prahran_Hotel5.jpg The dramatic facade of the new addition establishes a new street presence for the pub.
Prahran Hotel_06 Prahran_Hotel_6.jpg The concrete drainage pipes, which measure more than seven feet in diameter and nearly seven feet deep, were placed by a crane. Since there was no staging area other than the street, which could only be closed for short periods of time, the installation process was a slow one.