Downtown Mexico

Downtown Mexico
Sep 19, 2013

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Downtown Mexico_01 DowntownM1.jpg A courtyard divides the hostel area from the hotel portion, housed in a former colonial palace. The hostel area features colorful finishes and furnishings, contrasting the neutral tones used throughout the hotel portion of the project.
Downtown Mexico_02 DowntownM2.jpg The 17 hotel guest rooms have a subdued, neutral color scheme and feature furnishings made by local craftsmen, such as natural pine bed frames.
Downtown Mexico_03 DowntownM3.jpg  Casual seating in a courtyard.
Downtown Mexico_04 DowntownM3b.jpg A hostel room with brick latticework.
Downtown Mexico_05 DowntownM4.jpg In the hotel portion, a restaurant occupies a courtyard covered by a canopy of trees.
Downtown Mexico_06 DowntownM5.jpg Within another courtyard, which separates the hotel and hostel areas, the design of a green wall was inspired by the work of Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.