Designers Select: Healthcare

Designers Select: Healthcare
Oct 21, 2013 Designers Amy Mays, Randy Guillot, and Angela Lee name favorite new products for healthcare settings. Click the gallery to view.

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Designers Select: Healthcare_01 Healthcare Amy Mays, IIDA

Design Principal

HDR Architecture

New York

Designers Select: Healthcare_02 Healthcare Pablo: Cielo
“I saw this fixture while at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) this year and thought it has something different to offer. It is a dimmable, flat-panel LED fixture with great accent color options. It works well solo or clustered together to create a more powerful statement.” 
Designers Select: Healthcare_03 Healthcare Joel Berman Glass Studios: Centro
“This new addition to the Studio collection provides a beautifully-scaled pattern with a great range of
colors—all with a modern, graphic quality to them. It is a nice, timeless pattern that could be used in a wide range of settings. Well done.” 
Designers Select: Healthcare_04 Healthcare Architex: The Codes: Man vs. Nature
“I love this cohesive group of patterns. The largescale ones are simply stated and bold. We are always looking for patterns that have a larger repeat and can be a special addition to a space. The color palette is elegant and sophisticated.” 
Designers Select: Healthcare_05 Healthcare Randy Guillot, AIA

Design Principal


Cannon Design


Designers Select: Healthcare_06 Healthcare DIRTT: DIRTT Walls
“DIRTT brings its design sensibilities to bear on all of its products. Highly customizable and functional, these healthcare headwall and demising wall solutions leave a lot of room for creative expression.” 
Designers Select: Healthcare_07 Healthcare Nurture by Steelcase: Neighbor
“This collection of lounge seating is soft, modern, and comfortable. It doesn't overwhelm the interior architecture.” 
Designers Select: Healthcare_08 Healthcare IOA Healthcare Furniture: Oliver Collection
“The Oliver Collection, designed by Tara Rae Hill, takes a really beautiful, modern approach to lobby
seating and tables. Its low-rise design is great for maintaining views through spaces.” 
Designers Select: Healthcare_09 Healthcare Angela Lee, AIA

Senior Vice President, Director of SE Asia, Healthcare Group



Designers Select: Healthcare_10 Healthcare Lamin-Art: Metal-Art
“Lamin-Art’s new metal art is a good product for healthcare. It is easy to clean and maintain, but also adds pattern and texture to the design of a space. This product is suitable for elevator cab interiors or wall paneling, and can be treated like any other high-pressure laminate.” 
Designers Select: Healthcare_11 Healthcare Clarus Glass Boards: Surround
“Surround is a beautifully designed white board with an architectural look to it, and appears to
float away from the wall. Since all of the brackets are hidden, it has a very elegant design. Dry-erase markers will not ghost on it, and it is easy to maintain.” 
Designers Select: Healthcare_12 Healthcare American Standard: ICS System
“This hand-washing sink has a hands-free faucet for easy access and cleaning. The shape of the
sink—which is simple yet classic—is deep enough to minimize splashing and aid with washing and
disinfection. The overflow has a seal so that water does not pool and harbor infection.”