Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists

Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists
Oct 22, 2013 A dental clinic near Washington, D.C., reflects personalities of both practitioner and patients.

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Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists_01 Banaji1.jpg Bindi-shaped HighTower Nimbus seating in the waiting room references Dr. Banaji’s Indian heritage and echoes the shape of the practice’s logo. Colors are bright without appearing juvenille. 
Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists_02 Banajai2.jpg The reception desk is flanked by a waiting area and cafe, and these combined spaces serve as a hub for the clinic.
Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists_03 Banaji3.jpg Colorful arcs provide partial privacy within open treatment areas; red defines the six-to-eleven age
Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists_04 Banaji4.jpg Each patient bay is equipped with two computers, allowing dental assistants to pull up records and book patients’ next appointments.