U.N. North Delegates Lounge

U.N. North Delegates Lounge
Nov 18, 2013

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U.N. North Delegates Lounge_01 UNphoto1.jpg Hella Jongerius custom-designed the wheeled UN Lounge Chair for the lounge renovation. It can be easily moved to accomodate informal meetings between delegates. The Polder Sofa, also positioned throughout the space, was designed by Jongerius for Vitra in 2005. The blue and green upholstery tones allude to the lushness of the Dutch landscape. All existing large-scale artwork had to remain in the space.  
U.N. North Delegates Lounge_02 UNphoto2.jpg The Knots & Beads Curtain, by Jongerius, hangs along the east windows, and chairs within the space include (from left to right) Gerrit Rietveld’s Utrecht chair, Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair, Hans Wegner’s Peacock chair, and Hella Jongurius’ UN Lounge Chair.

U.N. North Delegates Lounge_03 UNphoto3.jpg The lounge’s interior was originally completed in 1952. 
U.N. North Delegates Lounge_04 UNphoto4.jpg Jongerius designed the hooded Sphere Tables, which conceal computers and define private work areas for delegates.