Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Nov 26, 2013

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Marc Jacobs Beauty_01 MarcJacobs1(1).jpg The focal point of the store is a black granite table with scalloped edges that provides a work surface for makeup artists, contains storage, and serves as the point of sale. The architects custom- designed the table, chairs, 
and chandelier fixture with local fabricators.
Marc Jacobs Beauty_02 MarcJacobs2(1).jpg Custom steel, glass, and mirrored vitrines fit around otherwise standard Sephora product trays.
Marc Jacobs Beauty_03 MarcJacobs3(1).jpg The storefront on Bleecker Street had previously been a Marc Jacobs accessories store. 
Marc Jacobs Beauty_04 MarcJacobs4(1).jpg The granite table can accommodate three makeup artists working at once.