Monsieur Bleu

Monsieur Bleu
Dec 02, 2013  Monsieur Bleu

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Monsieur Bleu_01 Blu1.jpg The bar is clad with 
brass panels.
Monsieur Bleu_02 Blu2.jpg During warmer months, 
diners enjoy views of 
the Eiffel Tower from the 
restaurant’s terraces.
Monsieur Bleu_03 Blu3.jpg By delineating wall surfaces within the restaurant’s tall interior, Dirand created an 
intimate feel for the lower zone, wrapped by velvet banquettes and wood paneling painted black.
Monsieur Bleu_04 Blu4.jpg Dirand reproduced hanging lamps originally designed by Michel Boyer, and selected classic Saarinen Executive Chairs, upholstered in shades of green and gray velvet.
Monsieur Bleu_05 Blu1.jpg The bar opens 
into the main dining area, which has white fluted plaster walls that take cues from the Art Deco era. Banquettes are framed in 
Connenara green marble.