Poltrona Frau Museum

Poltrona Frau Museum
Dec 16, 2013  Poltrona Frau Museum

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Poltrona Frau Museum_01 Poltrona1.jpg Poltrona Frau’s popular Vanity Fair chair—sitting on a bed of stones within a glass-enclosed internal courtyard and illuminated by natural light—is a focal point within the museum.

Poltrona Frau Museum_02 Poltrona2.jpg Three galleries highlight the company’s history and products, as well as great interiors around the world. 
Poltrona Frau Museum_03 Poltrona3.jpg Illuminated displays made from wood and fabric organize products by decade. 
Poltrona Frau Museum_04 Poltrona4.jpg Neutral colors and a refined material palette allow the products and displays to be the main focus within the space.