Designer's Select: Office

Designer's Select: Office
Dec 17, 2013 Designer Rob Wood shares some of the year’s best workplace products

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Designers Select: Office_01 Office Rob Wood

Senior Vice President

NicholsBooth Architects

San Francisco 
Designers Select: Office_02 Office Vitra: Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman in black ash and black leather
“Style is eternal, and the classic Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman is the epitome of style for me. Vitra’s “all
black” version takes perfection and simply dresses it in a tuxedo.”

Designers Select: Office_03 Office Resource Furniture: Concrete Wall
“Not everyone can start with a turn-of-the-century San Francisco SoMa warehouse gem oozing with decades of character, so I appreciate how highresolution graphic wallcoverings like Concrete Wall allow me to integrate a bit of that elusive charm of weathered concrete and brick into my client's 1980s flex-tech space in Silicon Valley.” 
Designers Select: Office_04 Office 3M: Fasara
“With today’s transparent workplace environments, installing film in lieu of etched glass is a tried-and-true
cost-saving strategy to help address privacy. Fasara raises the bar over previous privacy film options with a sophisticated linen option, that up until now, I was only able to find with decorative laminated glass.” 
Designers Select: Office_05 Office Herman Miller: Mirra 2
“This is a perfect example of product evolution at its best. So many of my clients love the original chair’s balance of adaptability and support. Even so, Herman Miller took an already intuitive chair and made purposeful improvements to make it even better. Plus, it looks fantastic!” 
Designers Select: Office_06 Office Fredericia: Melt Table
“My eye is always drawn to the unexpected, and the organic detailing and lines of the Melt table’s legs
do just that. The tapered and flowing form creates a refreshing contrast to the typical, hard-edged conference tables I usually see.” 
Designers Select: Office_07 Office Artek: Stool 60 Anniversary Edition
“You can't get much simpler than three legs circling a round seat, but the Stool 60 does it with such class. I can use this stool just about anywhere, and the anniversary colorways bring a freshness to the design that compliments modern palettes.”