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A chance meeting between 3Form CEO Talley Goodson and Ryan Grey Smith of Seattle-based Grey Design Studio at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in 2008 has turned fruitful for both men as 3Form launches a new lighting division, 3Form LightArt. The former manager of famed glass artist Dale Chihuly's architecture studio since 1997, Smith forged out on his own in 2003 and was at ICFF to display his resin-based lighting products when Goodson happened by. Recognizing at once that Smith's design skills with sculptural materials and 3Form's own celebrated resin products were a natural fit, and that lighting was also an obvious next step for expanding his company's product line, Goodson paved the way for 3Form LightArt to be born.

Smith, who is still located in Seattle while the company itself is based in Salt Lake City, wants to get the word out that under his direction, 3Form LightArt is in the business of turning drawings into reality. His experience as an architect and lighting and furniture designer has taught him that many designers can't find the right resource for custom lighting solutions once they have conceived of an idea. As for 3Form, the company has long been accustomed to the question, "Can I light it?" in reference to its popular line of resin products. "We provide that service as part of the company," says Smith, going way beyond backlighting panels to molding, shaping, and combining the company's Varia Ecoresin® products—made from 40 percent recycled content—to create custom light fixtures.

According to Smith, Varia Ecoresin is the perfect product to offer designers infinite possibilities for their lighting concepts, being flexible, lightweight, available in unlimited colors, and easier to work with than glass. "It's the ideal material," he says. "We've done things with it that we would have loved to try in my studio but we couldn't get there." Offering light fixtures that are more like individual art pieces at the moment, Smith says that 3Form LightArt is definitely moving toward developing a standard product line to supplement its custom work. In the meantime designers should know that if you come, they will build it.

Visit 3Form at NeoCon® in space #7-4094. Reader Service No. 202

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