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Focus: All Purpose

From open plan, light-scaled desking to traditional panel-based systems and private offices, Allsteel's latest introduction, Stride, aims to satisfy design requirements across the office.

Recognizing that the world doesn't need another cubicle, Allsteel set out to provide a multifaceted offering comprising worksurfaces, storage options, and panel components that can be combined as needed to provide the most effective solutions for each user. "We wanted to develop the next generation of systems today," says D.J. Heil, senior manager, product management at Allsteel. The goal: to provide flexibility and individual control over personal space while still offering a unified aesthetic across the workspace.

Consulting with designers and clients through charettes in cities including Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Toronto, the design team focused on three variables: workers' preferences based on their generations, how each individual works, and organizational function or what each individual worker does. "Designing spaces the way individuals work rather than using a generic standard is recognized as a major productivity enhancer," explains Heil.

The resulting kit of parts can be configured in myriad ways depending on user preference, and its variety also means it can be adjusted as needed over time rather than being replaced. Options include five different panel heights, from 35 in. to 65 in., and seven different panel widths, from 20 in. to 60 in.; nine work surface shapes in laminate or Cleargrain veneer with flat or rabbet edges; 15 tile options; and storage options in painted wood and metal that include personal towers, overhead cabinets, and perch cabinets, shelves, credenzas, and pedestals. Drawers can be outfitted for both "pilers" and "filers," and corner credenzas incorporate side-access drawers and cupboards to capitalize on underutilized space.

Stride also addresses sustainable concerns: The entire panel system is Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certified, Interior Advantage Gold certified, and compliant with BIFMA Design for the Environment (DfE). In addition, 100 percent of the energy used to produce Stride is fully offset with Green-e Energy certified wind renewable energy certificates, and more than 90 percent of the systems components are produced within a 500-mile radius. Packaging was also taken into consideration and requires 60 percent less than conventional wraps and cartons. Also, through a partnership with Green Solutions North America, Stride will be retrieved, restored, and repurposed (or, if it is beyond restoration, it will be recycled). Finally, Stride's panel fabrics include Eco-Intelligence Polyesters, a collection that is Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certified. Reader Service No. 200

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