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Wall Treatments: Focus: Dapper Dan

LSI Wallcoverings and Joseph Abboud have given the industry another case in point of how a sustainable product can compete with the best of them in the ring of high design. Taking the Joseph Abboud aesthetic of natural colorations and fibers combined with antiqued or weathered finishes, and applying it to LSI's Versa brand Second Look recycled technology, has resulted in a line that has sex appeal, but still exudes a buttoned-up style and refinement.

"We wanted to take Versa to the next level," says Bruce Foster, creative director, LSI, "and thought this was the way to do that." Both sides wanted a product that had staying power— something that was current, yet would prove to be a classic over time. With 14 patterns, 81 color lines and applications stretching across the board, it will have many opportunities to do so.

Second Look designs contain at least 20 percent recycled content, including a minimum of 10 percent post-consumer material. Joseph Abboud for Versa is a Type II, 20-ounce vinyl, measuring 52 in. to 54 in. wide. The low-VOC collection uses water based inks and adhesives and incorporates a mildew-inhibiting agent that helps prevent fungal and other microbiological growth.

"There's a nature based theme behind it," John Gaudet, design director, licensed products, home and accessories for Joseph Abboud, says, citing the Ecolage print that features a leaf motif. "But we also played on our heritage pattern work, such as paisleys, herringbones. These are patterns we play into with dinnerware, bedding, and things like that, and Bruce [Foster] was able to translate them to the wall."

The proof is in the subtle pattern work, embossments, and accompanying finishes that give the product a definition that screams class and elegance. The menswear staples, such as herringbone, checks, and paisley patterns, are particularly noteworthy (see Manhattan Square, Cravat Stripe, and Ascot).

LSI is Joseph Abbou's first commercial wallcovering licensee.

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