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: Bentley Introduces Integrated Structural Modeling System

Bentley Systems is aiming to help structural engineers better manage their integrated projects to completion. The Exton, PA-based software solutions company introduced yesterday (Jan. 26) a series of two new workflow management tools, called Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM), that seamlessly join data from multiple workplaces into one repository for more efficient information sharing and updating.

The ISM has two components. The Structural Synchronizer V8i compiles structural model data from various applications into a shared repository with the ability to track and compare revisions between versions to coordinate data synchronization across projects. It features a structural model and drawing viewer; data interrogation capabilities; data for structural analysis and design, documentation and drafting, and detailing and fabrication in an industry neutral format, plus an open API to enable third-party vendor integration. All the workflow data is managed by the Structural Dashboard V8i, which is able to launch applications in a unified interface, create customized project-specific workflows, receive industry news via RSS feeds, and automatically download product upgrades.

"There is an enormous cost to the loss of interoperability in our industry. There are many multidisciplinary 3D environments and many data standards for exchanging information—architects, mechanical, fabrication, special purpose software,” says Gus Bergsma, vice president of structural at Bentley, during a press briefing. “Bentley is providing software to everyone in all these industries and is uniquely positioned to bring these various entities together in an integrated and an inter-operable format.”

"We wanted to incorporate all the changes that are happening if someone decides to delete a beam, add a footing, change where a window is supposed to be. We want to track it. We want to be able to visually review things together, so if someone has a piece of software on their desk it doesn’t prevent them from changing anything or updating the data,” adds Santanu Das, Bentley’s vice president of structural software.

Software for the Structural Synchronizer V8i and Structural Dashboard V8i applications is available via a free download at

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