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Workplace collaboration and informal meeting zones are all the rage, but sometimes they come at the cost of acoustics. Thankfully, the
relatively young Antwerp-based BuzziSpace offers innovative furniture solutions that specifically target sound-insulation needs in public spaces. One of its recent introductions, BuzziHub, made a splash at Berlin’s brand new furniture fair Qubique in October. Designed by Alain Gilles, the collection, as its name suggests, acts as a central hub for the office with a layer of privacy.
“The collection is almost not designed but is a translation of a function. It forms a space within a space,” says Gilles. The booth-like BuzziHub is available as a single- or double-seat piece, and is enveloped by side and back walls, as well as a “roof.” The seat and back cushions are covered in the company’s own BuzziFelt material to absorb sound, and the walls are clad with a ribbed version of the textile. As the company is committed to sustainability every bit as it is to acoustics, it churns out the felt using 100-percent recycled plastic bottles. The product can be specified in a range of both low-key and vibrant colors, from fuchsia and orange to light blue and beige, and is easy to assemble with basic tools. The double-seat hub measures 78¾ inches wide by 48 inches deep by 74¾ inches high, while the single measures 43¼ inches wide.
The designer completed the line with aluminum tables. Finished in a range of powder-coat colors, they are available in three sizes, with the small and medium versions offering a slightly extended end to use as an impromptu work surface. Respectively, they measure 15¾ inches wide by 18½ inches deep by 26¼ inches high, and 33¾ inches wide by 16 inches deep by 26¼ inches high; the large table stands slightly lower at 21½ inches, and measures 54¾ inches wide by 17¾ inches deep.

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