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David Key
Project Designer

BuzziSpace: BuzziWings
“The idea of creating space without walls has always intrigued me, and the fact that BuzziWings integrate space division with acoustical privacy and lighting is something that could be very useful across multiple levels of educational facilities.”

Knoll: Toboggan
“The Toboggan chair is a nod to 1950s-era furniture with the sensibility of a modern, functional tool for education. And it adds a great splash of color to the classroom.”

Leland International: Quarry
“The Quarry bench is a wonderful collaboration tool for students and a new take on the tablet arm chair. The pieces work together to create soft architectural spaces, and the configurations and combinations are endless.”

Erin Ruby
Associate Principal
STUDIOS Architecture
New York

Wilkhahn: Concentra Table
“Its beautiful, refined design is perfect for training desks or a group table for collaborating on projects.”

Vitra: Workbays
“Organic curves of the privacy screens and work surfaces provide a less constricting alternative to study carrels.”

Capri Cork: Mediterra Cork Planks
“Cork is natural, renewable, quiet, comfortable, and tackable. I love this product because it’s easy to maintain and works great on floors and vertical surfaces. The plank format allows for varied layouts.”

Adam Woltag
WRNS Studio
San Francisco

Teknion: dna Laptop Table
“This is the 1960s TV dinner tray of the future. We specified these mobile folding tables for a school library and the students and staff have raved about them ever since. They’re lightweight and stackable, yet sturdy.”

Elkay: EZH2O Bottle Filling Station
“For this water bottle filling station, no-touch sensors eliminate buttons or levers, which can fall prey to overuse and abuse. The slim profile is ideal for installation in corridors. The best part is the Green Ticker that displays how many plastic bottles are being saved by using the station.”

Modernfold: MOVEO Classic
“MOVEO® Classic operable partitions, with integrated whiteboard and glass, deliver ultimate operability and clean modern lines. With excellent acoustic properties and no floor threshold, partitions can be shared between adjacent classrooms.”

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