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Best of NeoCon®: Doing It All: MOTUS by HALCON

An aesthetically pleasing conference table system that is innovative in its technology while also easily transportable, MOTUS by HALCON wowed the judges in the Best of NeoCon® 2011 competition in Chicago. MOTUS was selected for the coveted Best of Competition Award.

Ben Conway, executive vice president of HALCON, was thrilled to have MOTUS win. “It felt ridiculously great to win! Going into NeoCon®, my colleagues and I were emotionally vested in MOTUS, so to be recognized as the best in such a competitive arena was exhilarating,” Conway says.

The MOTUS collection, designed by George Miller-Ramos, James Lawrence, and Mark Von Der Heide, comprises adaptable folding tables and accessories that boast effortless mobility and transformation. Judges witnessed an impressive level of ease of table ganging, caster locking, height adjustment, and power/data distribution and access. The conference table has power outlets and connections for data, audio, and video. The connectivity innovation is apparent when tables are ganged together—the table-to-table daisy chain underneath is simplified with magnets holding wires in place. No messy wire management.

“MOTUS was driven by market research and workplace performance studies. We found a need for reconfigurable tables that were more refined in appearance—to transition from flexible space to a more formal, boardroom aesthetic—and function higher than other products currently available in the market,” Conway says. “MOTUS achieves this with a user interface that can’t be found in any other table.”

The MOTUS line is available in any veneer or finish of wood. The conference table is also available with a glass surface with a satin-aluminum metal edge, as seen on this issue’s cover.  —John Czarnecki

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