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Wall Treatments: KnollTextiles: The Vivid Collection by Trove

The gestural and tactile elements of painting are the inspiration for a new line of wallcoverings from KnollTextiles. Winner of the Silver Award in the Wall Treatments category of the Best of NeoCon® Awards, the Vivid Collection by Trove is a series of three patterns—Swerve, Sway, and Swoosh—that have a painterly sensibility.

Randall Buck and Jee Levin started the New York–based design company Trove—focused on wallcoverings and printed window film—in 2006. Until this year, Trove’s product had been custom printed to order. “With the Vivid Collection, what is new for Trove is that we have jumped over a big technical hurdle by engineering the patterns to have large-scale repeats offered in a standard roll product,” Levin says.

KnollTextiles Creative Director Dorothy Cosonas worked closely with Trove to bring the Vivid Collection to market. “Knoll has been working with outside designers throughout its history, and Trove adds a fresh perspective to the line,” says Cosonas. “The Vivid Collection brings an artistic approach and full spectrum of color to wallcoverings for KnollTextiles.”

Swoosh, available in four colorways, is a study of freedom of movement in a single gesture, making a symbolic connection between the flight of birds and the human spirit. In designing the six colorways of Sway, the designers created paintings at varied units of time so that each line represents a visual record of time measurement. Swerve (behind the rolls), available in five colorways, is a study of the hand in motion with a twist of the wrist.

“We wanted the paint to not only mix on the canvas in interesting ways, but we also wanted to record the action of the gesture,” says Levin. “We used non-traditional tools like razor-blades and stopwatches to blend alchemy, science, and gesture.”


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