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Product Focus: NLXL: Scrapwood Wallpaper

To clad a surface in weathered, salvaged wood planks, the effort and cost can sometimes be too burdensome. Architect and furniture designer Piet Hein Eek changed that with a wallpaper that has the appearance of wood. Long known for incorporating recycled materials into his work, Hein Eek created the Scrapwood Wallpaper collection for the Dutch company NLXL in 2010. Following the success of this initial collection, the designer and company have collaborated again on the Scrapwood Wallpaper 2 collection.


Hein Eek had created his first Scrapwood collection by simply scanning planks from his workshop. “This time [for the second collection], we aimed for a more conceptual approach,” he says. “We also chose a new, super-luxurious matte finish so the wallpaper looks even more realistic than before.” The Scrapwood Wallpaper 2 collection includes eight new designs, and while some incorporate the shape of planks, others explore wood in new ways. PHE-16 (below) is based on Hein Eek’s Waste furniture collection, which is made from waste wood from his firm’s other projects that has been cut into 1-ó-inch square blocks and reassembled into tables and chairs. The pattern of PHE-15 (above) mimics colorful, thin strips of wood, while PHE-14 (top) has the more traditional look of planks salvaged from a weathered barn.


With no pattern repeats, no two planks or blocks of wood appear to be the same. The wallpaper comes in rolls measuring 19 inches by 354 inches. Once installed, it can be wiped down with a soft cloth. The collection was officially unveiled at Dutch Design Week in late October, and is now available to order.

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