Lighting: Rux: Stickbulb

Stickbulb is a collection of LED lights set in slender wood strips designed by Rux, a New York-based multidisciplinary architecture 
and design firm that has conceived products ranging from vodka bottles to vending machines.

The Stickbulb fixtures are assembled in Rux’s shop in Queens, New York, and are made from locally-sourced materials. Wood options include sustainably-sourced maple and walnut, southern yellow pine reclaimed from buildings demolished in New York State, and ipe wood salvaged from Coney Island and Atlantic City boardwalks. The designers have also experimented with wood from water tanks 
and wine barrels.

Available in lengths from one to six feet, Stickbulbs are modular. Freestanding formats (above) include linear Table and Floor Torches, and 
a quirky line of floor lamps—dubbed Little Bang, Middle Bang, and Big Bang—which combine multiple Stickbulbs held together at a simple joint.  Wall-mountable Torch Sconces (below) can be oriented horizontally or vertically and cast light off to one side.

Stickbulbs may also be hung in clusters to form pendants 
or chandeliers. The pièce de résistance of the collection is the customizable Chime Chandelier (below), which measures seven-feet-tall by five-feet-wide and comprises three blackened steel rings, two to three feet in diameter, with more than 90 Stickbulbs attached by ball bearings to let them sway freely.

Rux envisions Stickbulb as more than just a light fixture. 
Founder and creative director Russell Greenberg hopes that Stickbulb will “start to inhabit larger spaces and bridge the divide between a product that sits on the desk and a product that inhabits and informs an interior space.”

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