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There’s a complexity in the architecture by Paris-based Architecture & Associés: It’s neither fully modern nor traditional, minimalist nor opulent, and restrained nor over-the-top. The same can be said for the firm’s recent product design for Knoll. Simply called the Architecture & Associés Lounge Collection, the seating line strikes a balance between elegant and casual, and classic and contemporary.

The dichotomy of this particular commission is the result of the firm’s principals, Pierre Beucler and Jean-Christophe Poggioli, approaching the project as a study of contrasts. For instance, soft and hard are juxtaposed in generous and deep urethane foam seats that abut rigid, shell-like frames constructed of fabric-covered plywood. 
The slim planes of the frame components play off of the dimensionality of the upholstered cushions. Flat, 180-degree lines define all the top and bottom edges, but most of the side edges slant at gentle angles. And, perhaps the most obvious, the frame’s color is a stark contrast from the upholstery’s. The achieved aesthetic and scale of each piece make the collection suitable for both home and office.

Five core pieces are offered: The standard lounge chair (far left and right in photo) measures 31½ inches wide by 32¾ deep; the smaller lounge chair has a narrower width of 27½ inches; the settee measures 58 inches wide by 32¾ deep while the sofa (pictured at center, back, with optional flat arms for resting gadgets and other knickknacks)spans 85¼ inches wide; and the single arm chaise lounge measures 35½ inches wide by 69 long. Each of these units can be specified with a high back of 36⅓ inches or low back of 30 inches. Ottomans (center, front), available in three sizes, round out the collection. All are available in contract or residential cushion fill and fabrics, while the legs are finished in a choice of polished chrome or polished copper.

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