Carpet: Shaw Hospitality Group: Layered Luxe

Shaw Hospitality Group partnered with designer David Rockwell to create a collection of broadloom carpets inspired by vintage patterns and the more opulent elements of nature, like the gleam of semi-precious stones.

The Layered Luxe collection includes 17 designs, available in a customizable color palette of 270 standard hues, which would create drama and elegance fitting for any hospitality interior. Rockwell, Contract’s 1998 Designer of the Year, leads the award-winning New York architecture and design firm Rockwell Group, which specializes in hospitality design.

Undulating, natural lines that look like mineral layers comprise Geode (above), while a similar pattern is refined on a smaller scale to form Splash, and with even finer and more controlled lines in Ombre. Malachite mineral striations form the zigzagged Herringbone, while an orderly series of lines and boxes create the geometric Tiger’s Eye, which seems to glint like its gemstone namesake.   

Organic forms cross with structured repetition in Quince (above), which sets a large-scale barren tree against a subtle pattern of overlapping rings. Raku (top) is a study in organized chaos, as a deep, crackled stripe runs up a third of the carpet and emulates the Japanese pottery style. Watermark (below) plays with tone, light, and shadow, resulting in a wafting pattern that looks like the shimmer of sunlight on top of water, or an aged and faded patina.

The collection was imbued with complementary design elements intended to be layered together, creating cohesion when mixed and matched.

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