Textiles: Sina Pearson: Allover and Anywhere

According to the calendar, the summer season truly is right around the corner—and so are the vibrant color palettes associated with sunny days. A master at conjuring unexpected color combinations, Sina Pearson has skillfully grouped such bold hues together with classic and earthy tones in her latest indoor/outdoor fabrics—Allover (1 and 3) and Anywhere (1 and 2). Both designs, additions to the All Spaces collection, boast fade resistance and tried and true pattern styles that stand the test of time.

The geometric Allover is not the typical polka dot. Instead, it features a striking two-tone graphic that resembles staggered slices of an organic ellipse pattern. With a 6¾-by-7-inch repeat, the large-scale design depicts the ellipses in strong, natural colors, set within contrasting neutral backgrounds. A total of seven colorways are available: Coal, Earth, Field, Grass, Stone, Sunrise, and Sunset. In abrasion tests, Allover exceeds 100,000 double rubs.

The coordinating Anywhere is a multicolored stripe with bands of varying width in an approximately 13½-inch vertical repeat for visual impact. Its narrow-and-wide stripe composition creates a random, unpredictable sequence that offers a slightly different look each time it’s applied as upholstery to furniture pieces and pillows. Anywhere scores 85,000 double rubs in abrasion testing and comes in nine hot or cold colorways.

Allover and Anywhere are both sustainably made in America at Sunbrella Contract’s nearly waste-free manufacturing facility. And their blend of solution-dyed acrylic and polyester Sunbrella yarns render them high-performing textiles in terms of stain, mildew, weather, and fade resistance.

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