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New York–based textile designer Suzanne Tick has had many long-standing relationships with well-known companies in the industry, including KnollTextiles, Tandus Flooring, and Skyline Design. This year, Tick has begun a new relationship with Teknion Corporation, and is debuting an inaugural line of Teknion Textiles called the Surface Tension collection.

“Suzanne Tick has designed a cohesive collection of innovative upholstery, panel, and architectural textiles in clean, architectural patterns and fresh, clear colors,” says David Feldberg, Teknion president and CEO. “Teknion is excited about pushing boundaries with textiles and allowing us to expand into a broader range of fabric types and styles than we have done in the past,” Tick says, describing the new relationship. “For example, with the Surface Tension collection, we are expanding the limits of physical surfaces to the extreme; juxtaposing plush fabrics with those that are slick and lustrous, as well as featuring handcrafted aesthetics next to super-technical action structures.”

Tick has designed 12 styles for the inaugural Surface Tension collection, and she had fun naming them. Fabrics include metallic tones such as Silver Halide, Titanium, Electric, Alumina, and Igneous. Bright accents are named Sun Flash, Hot Spot, Blu-Ray, Deep Orchid, New Wave, and Mars. “The A&D community is hungry for coordinated products, palettes, and finishes,” says Tick, who now holds the title of Teknion Textiles Creative Director. “The new palette includes warm and cool neutrals, as well as accent colors that reflect global trends in fashion, art, technology, architecture, and other areas of design. Surface Tension incorporates fabrics that suggest the textile weaving process, and pay close attention to detail in all steps of production, from fiber to finished fabric. The goal of the collection is to maintain purity of expression, celebrating materiality and efficiency of design.”

In terms of the future of the new relationship with Teknion, Tick says, “We are working with Teknion to build a new brand, so we will have multiple launches each year focusing on the changing platforms in the corporate, healthcare, and education markets. The intention is to have a working base of classics as well as newer technical action structures that work and play together.” teknion.com

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