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Materials: The Way You Make Me ‘Felt’: BuzziSkin 3D Tile

Some say that beauty is only skin deep. But when it comes to BuzziSkin 3D Tile, you needn’t fear to look well below the surface. As one of BuzziSpace’s latest product introductions, the attractive, felt-covered tile offers office environments an energetic vibe and 3D intrigue, with all the benefits of eco-friendliness and acoustic performance that companies desire.

Thebuzzitile3d BuzziSpace brand entered the interior design market via its parent company Tecnospace in 2007 with the goal of creating practical and sustainable design solutions to improve living and working environments. Seeking to add an acoustical solution to its portfolio, Tecnospace approached designer Sas Adriaenssens, owner of L’Atelier du Grenier—a company specializing in creating design concepts for the business world—to create a flexible and aesthetic product that would coincide with its clients’ preferred minimalist style and inclusions of concrete, glass, and stone.

“I chose to define three main purposes: acoustics, ecology, and flexibility,” says Adriaenssens, who in her research found a way to make a felt fiber from recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (P.E.T.) bottles. “Up until that point, the material only was used in industrial applications and therefore required significant modifications to meet the needs of the design market.” she explains.

After many months of research, BuzziFelt was born, which saw the launch of several successful products, including Buzziskin, a self-adhesive, acoustical wall textile (CFR wallpaper) that would be adapted into the BuzziSkin Tile, and later BuzziSkin 3D.  

Available in two tile sizes—80cm. by 40cm. and 60cm. by 60cm.—the featured architectural effect of BuzziSkin 3D is achieved by laminating the felt on a pre-cut foam layer in a sustainable, proprietary process that does not require stitching or thermo-welding.

“It gives a tactile skin to your walls, it isolates and comforts, and it makes your home feel like a second skin. We always try to look for names that combine feel and function,” says Adriaenssens. In addition to enhanced aesthetics, the 3D structure also increases acoustical absorption. “Most people are delighted because they have been searching for an acoustical solution that does not only offer the technical attributes but also looks sexy. The ecology and flexibility are extra buyer-arguments that complete the value proposition,” she adds.

The vibrantly colored felt tiles stick to almost any hard surface and come in a wide array of hues to match any scheme—including EcoBrown, Orange, Lime, Pink, OffWhite, Anthracite (deep grey), Stone Grey, Light Blue, and Red. BuzziFabric options also are available in colorways including Beige, Rust, Zwart (Black), Fuchsia, Aubergine, Purple, and Orange.

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